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Temporary Disability

Hi there, i need advise on temporary disability procedures. I sustained an ankle injury outside work on the 16th of june 2017. Since then i have been booked off sick by an athopidic sergeon with ongoing treatment. The issue now is that all my leave(sick,annual,family responsibility) have all been used up due to this injury as I have not been at work for 2 months now. Now my employer wants me to apply for temporary disability. Documents were sent to me for completion however, upon reading some of the documentation sent, I then realised that this process was to be initiated after 14 days of being absent from work and not after the company has depleted all my leave days. I then inquired with HR regarding this and asked if my leave days used will be reversed seeing that this process was not followed correctly. They have ignored this part completely and no one is prepared to give me answers. Please help me by advising on the process of disability and what should be done in my case.

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