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Unfair labour practice

I stayed out of work on the 15th December as I was 36 weeks pregnant and was not feeling well. I was supposed to be on maternity leave but could not go as the company had not gotten a temp for my position. I advised my manager that I would go to the doctor and did not go they asked me for a note and I said I would get one from the doctor which I failed to produce they have charged me with gross dishonesty that I admitted guilty to and now they have requested I be dismissed. They had me sign a first written warning for absenteeism in August even though I was off due to pregnancy illnesses and have produced doctors notes. I also have a final written warning for a totally different incident. The day I was off was our year end function and the company was not operational for the day but because I stayed at home and did not have a note they want to dismiss me on a charge of gross dishonesty is this allowed, they had the hearing with me on the day I was go to on maternity leave i was 40 weeks my labour began that day due to the stress of the hearing as I was rushed to hospital a few hours afterward, they advised they would get back to me within that week but no one was in contact until I emailed about a salary query, each year we receive our bonus and increase in January but this year the company withheld my bonus and only paid my salary with no indication that they would be doing this, only when I queried this I was told that I need to attend a meeting my newborn is only 2 weeks old and is breastfeed can they insist that I attend this meeting? And can they withhold my bonus even though I was not formally dismissed? I am the breadwinner for my family and was depending on the money to sort my kids out and improve our living conditions. I have worked 9 years for this company and have sacrificed so much to be treated this way. Throughout my pregnancy they were aware of the health issues I was having but they never asked if I was OK or if I need to go off early. Please advise what I should do. Thank you

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