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New Business Owner

I bought a creche over from previous owner. Registration is not through yet and the business is still being trade by the previous owner. There are 5 teachers which I promise to take over, but they must re-apply at my creche with different name and set of rules. They will keep their post and only new contract with new entity. One lady was appointed after I've made the offer (June we handled the negotiations and then the previous owner appointed someone in July). She was fully aware that I will bring my own teacher, but now I'm sitting with this new appointment as well. She isn't qualified and in November last year I told the previous owner I will only appoint trained staff. Only one staff did her best to register at an institution.

I feel this was very unfair to me as the new owner and now I'm sitting with an extra staff member, which I didn't budgeted for. I did tell the owner that I will terminate her contract after the 3 months probation period at end of September and won't be able to appoint her permanently. Due to this, one teacher is determined to chase all the kids parents away! She is telling all her kids parents that all the staff is leaving, which is not the case. Also that it will only be a play school and no education any further. She stirs between parents and telling them the kids friends are not coming back to the school. I'll only be the registered owner 2 weeks from now, but in the mean time she spreads these rumors. Logically parents jump up and down because now all the kids and teachers are leaving. She is harming my business now and I'm not sure what is waiting for me in two weeks. The previous owner refuse to reprimand her and in the mean time I'm battling to keep all the parents calm. I receive about 4 calls per day about different rumors and it is evident that it only this one individual that is causing this mess. I don't want her to work with the clients further, but she is still employed by the previous owner.

In my offer to purchase I asked that the owner give them all 1 month notice and pay out all bonus and leave amounts. They must apply with me and I will give them all a new 3 month probation period. They have a problem with this as well. Do I have to keep them all or can I decide who is loyal to me? She is purposefully busy to make all the parents leave and she is still employed by previous owner. I still feel I've paid a lot for the business and if the staff is jeopardizing the income, surely she must be stopped some way. Please advice urgently how I can handle this staff member. 




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