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Victimization, bullying, fals accusations




I just need some advice. My wife has been victimised, bullied and falsely accused of bullying another employee.


One example: last week my Son was sick, my wife followed protocol and informed the group (Her boss included) that she won't make it due to son illness.

Her boss replied on the group (never complained about the fact that she was not informed via tel) and was inquiring about work project,  she informed her boss her number one priority is our son and will get back to her following day.

Following week she was called in to HR  accused of being disrespectful. Then  her boss said the protocol was changed in a meeting my wife was not involved in, and she

should let her boss know via telephone and not on the group message. My wife said she did not know about protocol changes and there was no company communication sent about any changes. Her boss/ HR said this is not their problem she should have read up on updated protocols. Unpaid leave was then applied and the next day my wife got a final written warning from HR.

(never before had a verbal warning, written warning or counselling been applied) 




Second example: My wife asked HR to mediate the fact that she needed data from her boss and not receiving the data in time. She had a signed letter from her boss stating she will get the data. She informed HR that due to the lack of response from her bos to emails, phone calls, smses, whatsapps she might have to go the legal route in order to get the data she was promised. (was on a Thursday or Friday) 

The next week she was called in to HR with her boss and HR top brass. In this meeting she was accused of being a bully (which the "victim" has told me wife she did never say she bullied her) Her boss also acknowledged that the grievance email received my wife was not implicated. And then conveniently retrenched due to lack of funding. So one week you take your boss to HR then next week you are retrenched???? (Convenient??)


Please help and advice? 


I emailed Adv Raynold to find out his rates env...

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