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Post Info TOPIC: is this an act of discrimination and favorism?

is this an act of discrimination and favorism?

I was my 2nd day with the flu. the 1st day evening, I spoke with the provider that I work for, and mentioned to him that I will not be in on the 2nd day, he was completely ok with that, and mentioned that the management has cover for our team. I told him that I will also let the supervisor know in the morning if I do not feel any better. I set my alarm to call that 2nd morning to let my supervisor know that I will not be coming in that day either, however either due to Theraflu I took or because of not feeling good, I have not heard my alarm, and when I woke up, it was 2.5 hours past my shift and my supervisor was calling. When I answered, I have apologized to my supervisor and explained to her what happened. She was not nice about the whole situation and told me that even though I let my provider know, It was my fault for not waking up to let her know that I am still sick, and that this will go against me as a no call no show and that it will cost me a written warning. This was the first time this has happened to me, and I know sometimes things like that happen. In fact, this same no call no show situation has happened to my partner. She bought a new phone and somehow her alarms did not go off. That day that same supervisor came up to me and my provider and asked if we have heard anything from my partner. We were so busy without the help that we had no chance to call her back either, and it has been few hours since the start of the shift. My supervisor then called my partner and asked her if she was ok, when my partner explained the situation, that the alarms did not work and that she has slept through, and that if there was no call to her she probably still be sleeping. My supervisor laughed it off with her and said it happens to the most of us at some point. When my partner finally showed up, they joked about the situation some more and there were no any type of consequences and no mean tone that this same supervisor took with me. I feel like there is definitely a favorism and discrimination. One gets a write up for a no show for the first time, the other gets a nice phone call and a pat in the shoulder and a laugh. Is this really the way to go?

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