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Half Day removal

Good day.

In my contract it is stipulated that I get 1 half day per month. Each year we receive an Email with the dates of the half days.

In previous years I often wouldn't take them out of loyalty to the company and just being a hard worker in general.

Last week I took my mandated half day as my new wife was due to leave the country for a while and I wanted to spend time with her. Another employee was upset with this as I wasn't there to assist her when she needed help and so sent my boss a message venting her frustration.
The next week there was an Email from my boss containing the following:


"It is a privilege to leave the premises at 13h00 on a Friday if it is payday on that spesific Friday(Full time staff). It is not a right.  Friday the 26th  was a good example of how it must not be done.

This privilege is now taken away with immediate effect.  ( We will discuss the effect of this at our next staff meeting.)"


Surely the fact that it is in my contract means it is actually a right and I am entitled to the half days?

Also, he has demonstrated that he doesn't in fact understand the half day premise as he mentioned that it is only on paydays. That is only sometimes the case as we receive pre-set dates of the half days from HR.

There have been many other instances of management here taking advantage of myself and other employees so I will not stand for the above mentioned issue.
I would just like to know what my options are here. Should I go to CCMA?

It might also be worthwhile to know that I don't plan on staying with the company for more than the next few months. I have been with the company since December 2012.

Kind Regards and thank you in advance.



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