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Final Written Warning

Good day 


I have recently been issued with a final written warning for not communicating with my line manager. I went to the doctor on an Monday and was booked off for two days with an follow-up on the Wednesday where I have been booked off for two more days (Thursday and Friday) Due to illness I could not communicate and asked my mom to send the message both for Thursday and Friday. I checked with my manager and both text messages had not been received. I was then asked to submit proof of the message sent. After showing proof I was given the okay for the Thursday whilst my certificate clearly stated that I was booked off for the Friday. I was under the impression that the doctor had booked me off for the Friday as well but when checking the certificate I was only booked off till the Thursday. I have verified this with the doctor and he advised that this was indeed till the Thursday. I am now charged for no communication on the Friday and no authorization for the Friday. I have been issued with an Final Written Warning. 

My question is should something else arise besides absence, like late coming or poor performance. Will this lead to dismissal or an disciplinary inquiry?

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