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Post Info TOPIC: Is there a legal time frame of receiving written warnings?

Is there a legal time frame of receiving written warnings?

My employer gave me three written warnings on the same day, for the same offence, back dated... Is that legal? As I had not received any previous warnings I was shocked & now have a disciplinary hearing coming up... Can I appeal against a final written warning at the hearing & state reasons for my appeal? How likely is it that I would get the final written warning over turned, as I was late for work, although my weekly shifts & times were supposed to be permanent & then the time of starting had been changed without any prior mention of doing so? Any advise would be appreciated, as I am worried I might lose my job... Previously other colleagues have been late or even completely missed shifts without notifing my employer & yet they did not receive any disciplinary action for their misconduct... Feel like I am being made an example of to the rest of the staff & also being unfairly treated. My shift time was changed on the roster & I had not noticed the difference, as I was so used to working the exact same permanent weekly shifts!

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