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Conflict of Interest

When I was appointed (8 years ago), i advised the Recruiter from the corporate organisation that I was part owner of a business. I also indicated that the business had not secured any contracts but that I was actively marketing and pitching for work. The declaration was approved and I was requested to advise should work commence. I was also advised not to use any resourses (printer, fax, computer, telephone, etc.) for this business. A few years later (2016) I secured a contract. I advised my line manager verbally that I had secured a contract. I am currently suspended on one of the reasona being that I did not advise the Ethics office of me starting wirk on my business. There are other reasons such as sending documents from my Employer to my business , for which there is am email try confirming this. However, the documents sent does not relate to the core business and does not negatively affect the business. In fact one of the docs that I forwarded was an sales pitch email from a vendor , job profile, etc. Question: Does the fact that I advised my manager (subsequently resigned to go to another copoeate) verbally that I had received a contract be valid in me advising the business . Secondly, can the fact that I passed on none critical, fairly generic non core documents to my business as info warrant a Dismissal? The passing of documents happened between 2012 - 2015). Is this still valid seeing that it was some time ago?

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