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Post Info TOPIC: overtime per contract agreement but without compenstion

overtime per contract agreement but without compenstion

I was just wondering, Say for instance i sign my employment contract whereby I agree to work overtime but WITHOUT compensation, is this legal???

So I heard from people in the legal profession that it is part of the job when you are in this industry, you will always work overtime but it will be without pay.


Cannot think that this is right or legal for that matter!


Company not paying overtime rates

Hi I work for a company in shipbuilding and we are on a government project.. The company hasn't been paying us overtime rates since the beginning of the project until now .. We are almost four years in the project.. We have tried to fight our case with our union for which there is no joy .. Our case has been reffered to the meibc for arbitration yet there still is no joy from them due to the fact that there has been a lot of stalling.. We would like advice as to how can we go on with this case if there is no results or joy from the meibc .. Thank you

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