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Post Info TOPIC: Held Liable for loss of company data after break in

Held Liable for loss of company data after break in


we are a small payroll company i am responsible for the payroll of 4 companies of which the biggest have 400 employees whos payroll im doing


1. i was originally employed as a office assistant not as a payroll administrator, i worked myself up to this position

2. over easter weekend the offices was broken into and ALL pc's laptops external hard drives tv's everything was stolen INCLUDING MY EXTERNAL Hard drive

3. On this hard drive was ALL backups and company information we require to do our work

4. There is a current cloud and server but due to the lack of space and slowness of the server i was not able to back up work to the server as there isnt space and this was mentioned on more than one occasion to my boss, who did not do anything to sort the problem out

5. He now holds me accountable and wants to dismiss me because of the loss of the data we that was on the external drive that was stolen

6. This to me is unfair as i was never taken serious and he and IT guys never listened to me when i complained that there is no space on the servers to do back ups on the server / cloud 


Please advise does he have a leg to stand on to dismiss me on this as it was not lost as a result of negligence they broke in an stole all the equipment his cameras isnt even working at the office



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