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Post Info TOPIC: My last day after resigning is 06/04/2018

My last day after resigning is 06/04/2018

My last day will be the 06/04/2018 and i asked after giving my 60 days notice if i can leave early and now they are saying they are going to keep my money due and not pay out or they will sue me like they said they will do if i dont give my 60 days is this really legal to do that?

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Good day 

If you signed an employment contract which states that you must work the notice period you are bound by it or if there is a collective agreement in effect. The Basic Employment Conditions of Employment Act sets out the prescribed notice period. if you do not work this notice period an employer may sue you for the month in which you did not work. If you are intending to leave a few hours earlier on the last day of your notice period and the employer threatens to sue you this would give you rights to approach the department of Labour. This is due to the fact you already worked the stipulated 30 days notice period as per the BECA. 



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