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Provident Fund Withhold

Good Day, Long story Short - My previous employer suspected me of theft and proceded with a theft case against me after personally going to see the investing officer three times I was arrested and thrown in jail after having to sell almost all my personal belongings to pay for a lawyer I was enventually found not guilty after 5 court appearance. It has now been more than a year since I left the company and they have still not submitted my paperwork. Made it very clear that they will not and that I must sort it out myself. I have contacted the provident fund 3 times already and I always get the same answer “Contact your HR deparment as they have not submitted your paperwork”. I truly have no more funds to pay a lawyer so I cant even consider going that route. The same company also never gave me the correct paperwork although I asked for it so I was never even able to claim unemployment although I have like contributed for like 20 years to UIF. Please I will truly appreciate your advice. Kind Regards

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