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Post Info TOPIC: Development company not willing to pay my commision

Development company not willing to pay my commision


I was working as an independent contractor at a development company in witbank from 1 August 2017, the company does not pay a basic salary, they only pay commision in three stages, 1. R2000 INSTRUCTION WHEN THE CLIENT RECIEVES A GRANT FROM THE BANK. 2. R3000 WHEN THE HOUSE IS REGISTERED UNDER THE CLIENTS NAME 3. THE REMAINING AMOUNT WHEN THE CLIENT MOVES INTO THEIR HOUSE. So last year I managed to sign 6 clients and I was paid for the first 2(two) stages, then in March I requested to be scheduled on weekends because I wanted to further my studies and the manager agreed, later on she removed me from the roster and said that she will put me on the roster when I'm done with my studies but she said I should keep on bringing clients. In march I discovered the she had scrached my name from recieving commision then I went to the office to confront her about the matter and she claimed that i have resigned and that she wont be paying my commision, So we argued about the resignation issue and I asked her to provide me with a my resignation letter, which she couldnt provide so I recored the conversation and she said she will pay every cent of my commision but uptill this day I am still waiting for my commision of R58000. PLEASE ADVISE ME ON THE STEPS I NEED TO TAKE BECAUSE I WENT TO THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT AND THEY REFERRED ME TO GET A STATER LAWER .

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