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Final Written Warning

I was on leave for six days, I was advised by my manager to log the leave 5min before end of shift. I did that in a hurry but logged only for 5 days. My leave was from the 1st of August 2018 to the 8th of August 2018.I was suppose to be back the Friday the 10th August 2018.   I was suppose to have worked the Saturday ,which is a compulsory Saturday , but don't get paid for it or overtime. I was wasn't aware it was the Saturday of the 11th August 2018.

I was going to message him the morning to inform him which I did. He unfortunately called me before I send the message , but missed his call as I want close to my phone .




He sanctioned me with a Final Witten Warning for the two days and the Saturday (Which is not overtime) . I did make contact the Friday to let him know. The 8th August the date I was suppose to be back , was an honest mistake as I thought I logged the day , and he didn't contact me to ask why I wasn't back so I was under impression I did logged my leave up until the 10th August 2018.


Is the Final written Warning not to extreme . As I did make contact , it was just one day I didn't make contact as I was under impression I logged the leave day .


I need to know if he can really give me the Final Written Warning

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