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Post Info TOPIC: CCMA Award not being paid by company even after CCMA process completed

CCMA Award not being paid by company even after CCMA process completed

Some advise please.  My husband worked for a company for two and a half months.  He got sick and was booked off by a doctor for three days.  When he returned to work he was told no work today.  He went home and after several attempts got hold of the boss who told him to come and see him with his certificate.  He went.  The boss did not want the certificate as he told him he was not off sick.  the boss told him to return to the doctor for a letter stating what was wrong and why he was booked off.  My husband did just that.  He then spent weeks trying to get hold of the boss who finally told him to send him the letter. My husband did that.  Again he waited. My husband kept asking the boss what was going on why he was not working but got no answer. Finally he took the company to the CCMZ in order to find out if he still had work or not as he was getting no answer from the boss and he did not receive his salary for the two weeks he had worked along with his overtime for working 7 out of the 10 weekends Saturday's and Sunday's.  His working hours was 6:15 till 4pm Monday to Friday with 15 minutes lunch at 9am.  No further breaks.  The CCMA took the matter on and my husband was awarded.  They CCMA documents states that the company had 14 days to pay him, it has now been 15 days and nothing.  Last night my husband send his ex boss a message asking him when he will be paying the awarded money and the boss answered him back he is busy getting legal advise amongst other things.  This tells us he has no intention of paying the money out.  I did read that a person can have the award signed off by the head CCMA commissioner and that this will then be enforced as if it is issued by the Labout Court. In other words if payment is not made after this then the Sherrif of the Court goes out and attaches property of the company.  Please we just want to know what to do to get the pay out.  It is bad enough that the company use to pay workers short as a norm, but not to pay what is awarded to my husband is not fair.  Any assistance of advise would be appreciated. Thanks

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