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Provident fund not paid

My husband has worked for the company for 12 years.  We have only now discovered that by the end of this month, 14 months of his provident fund has not been paid.  This includes the amount that is deducted from his salary on a monthly basis as well as there portion (as per his contract agreement).  Neither the provident fund of the business informed any of the employees and it only came to light due to the fact that someone that had resigned and tried to withdraw his provident fund.

My fear is that the business is going to be liquidated and there will be nothing that can be done to retrieve the money from them.  The employees IRP5's have also been sent back by SARS.  

Today is the 26th of the month and last months salaries have still not been paid.  Its gut wrenching to think that they will get away with this.  

Any advise would be welcome



Good day,

kindly consult an attorney accordingly or alternatively approach the Pension Fund Adjudicator.


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