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Unfair labour practice



My name is Karabo and I am suffering from Major Depression Disorder. Two months ago there was a situation at work were me and my manager did not get well together or we where not in good terms. The situation was so depressing that I got sick and even my prostate gave up. I could not got to work because I was very sick and I was scared that if I go back to work I would relapse and go back to the hospital. I did inform them what was happening with me but it seems they did not care at all about my situation. My Psychologist recommended that an evaluation must be done at work before I could start working again but still today that has not been done. When I got back to work after two months, now I must attend a hearing. I want to know that if the incident happened two months ago is this hearing valid?

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I would refer your matter to an attorney to review your facts and if possible refer this matter to the CCMA.

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