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Restructuring/Section 189/apply for other Positions

Good day. 

Need some information or advice or direction... 

Company I am working for is busy with section 189 retrenchments. This started a while ago and have consulted with unions. They also offered Voluntary packages and that process is completed. They are now done with the restructure and due to that I am one of many affected.  Firstly, since I am not part of any Union and they consulted with Unions. Would they have need to consult with me and anyone else that is not part of Union? I am asking this because we have not received exact information regarding why our department or position became redundant or affect the restructure.  But apparently we are a critical staff because Voluntary packages were declined in my department. So im confused as to how that is possible but now were need to apply for other positions in the company. 

Secondly, Since they told us that we are affected, we can apply for other positions in the company. In the new structure there was same/similar job position to what I was previously doing. But we could not apply for them as they were higher grade. There is no positions in new structure with same/similar grade to what I am currently doing. Can they limit me to only apply for jobs on my grade and lower? Or can I apply for any position if I meet the criteria and what I was previously doing? 

Any information or assistance will be highly appreciated. 

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