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Unfair dismissal

was employed in July of 2018,I was given _2 weeks training and there after was told by manager that I was employed permanently so the pay will be as all permanent staff, I never got to sing a contract and 3weeks into the job a lady was just taken of the schedule just like that no warning nothing. I was told by the manager that he can only afford to pay me as a cashier however was suppose to waitress as well, I did so until this year in February when manager told another cashier that he is not paying for waitressing. So when I got to work in Feb I was told that we no longer serving food in plates as per manager instead we will b serving in take always,well I did as I was told, when a customer complained the first time manager did nothing,then on a Sunday another customer complained and was then told that there will be a hearing as I was tarnishing the reputation of the restaurant, the hearing never took place instead my shifts got cut and when the staff told the manager that I was told that He said we should server in throw away plates only he said I was now trying to force him to give me shifts and that he already has enough staff and was on probation anyways since last year,there after on the 28/03/2019 I was taken of the schedule,I then asked about the hearing I was told it was already sorted out and its not about that.... I hired a labour law representative were we organized a march against the institution however due to several delays we ended up serving the manager with a memorandum with a list of damands instead while we await the responce. The managet said the headquarters will respond however his personal lawyer intimidated us with a letter stating that a criminal case will be opened against the rep as he was not a union rep so the rep stopped helping me. I would like to know if I can pursue the case of unfair dismissal and were can I start as it is already outside the 30days with Ccma.

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