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Enquiry about compensation

need legal advice on a work situation. I was employed on a permanent contract still under my first 3 month probation with a company and in that time I found out I was sick. Pre cervical cancer. I was working for a month and in the month I have missed work on 6 occasions. The company then decided to let me go by mutual termination agreement and agreed to pay me all outstanding monies by 7 June 2019. Firstly they let me go because they said it is not feasible for them to keep me on as I might have to go in for operations. Also the 7th of June only a payment for my leave days was paid and 2 days worked was not paid. I advised the employer that I need the funds to book a colposcopy which is R3000 and they said they have made the rest of the payment to my account on 7June. This was a lie because Monday it was still not reflecting and when I received proof of payment it stated that payment date was 10th of June which initially is a breach of contract. I ended up not being able to book my colposcopy and now I have to wait for the next availability which can be 2 or 3 months from now. I have no option of going to public hospitals as they are fully booked until next year so because of them not sticking to the contractual agreement I might now get worse and also this delays the process of me getting back into looking for work. I want to know whether I can take further steps as to receive some compensation because all the quotes I am getting 8s much higher than the initial one but I don't have the funds. Please advise.

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