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Dismissal query - NB

Hi all, I could really use some help and opinions here. An ex close friend and colleague decides to report to management that 2 months ago I offered her drugs in the workplace. She only felt the need to report it now. She has a photo of a container with what looks like drugs in. A photo that she took holding it after I allegedly gave her the container. The container she doesnt have anymore. I had a hearing which I felt was very bias. The only evidence the employer had was her version of events with her photo. Anyone can take a photo of anything and accuse another person!? That cannot be sufficient proof?? In the hearing I stated I had a clean record. A 4 month old baby. I am not the type to have drugs on me. I explained me and the enployee were close friends and now had bad blood. Motive for her to do this. The chairman said it is not probable to believe a person would lie and risk their job. He recommened they dismiss me. The hearing ended. HR said I would recieve my outcome on the Monday, but that it would be dismissal. I was in shock, emotional and felt like I was in the twilight zone. How can they just believe this story with no other proof? I sent a message to the CEO telling him I have been falsely accused and now fired, could he assist in any way. The Monday I get called in. HR says they want to dismiss me, but before that the CEO requested a drug test and polygraph. I agreed. Waited 2 weeks (on suspension) for lab results. Which I knew were negative, I do not use drugs! Drug test negative. Last week we did the polygraph. I passed. Polygraph examiner writes in report he recommends I be cleared as a subject. Get called in last Friday by HR. Handed my dismissal later. 4 weeks on suspension. The emotional turmoil alone almost killed me. She says even though I passed both tests, they feel like I am untrustworthy and dont want me there. She says I cannot internally appeal, I can go to the ccma. What!?!?! How can this be??! I have the poly and the drug test. Once again I sent the CEO a message. Suddenly, I get a call saying I can write an appeal letter. The ups and downs at this point...crazy. I wrote the appeal letter based on the below facts: I want a re-hearing: -New evidence (this was only done after the original hearing) drug test, poly test -Proof that the employee that accused me has a criminal record for theft and is an ex drug addict -new character witness - one of the compapny directors I am waiting to hear if they accept my appeal. Can someone tell can they get away with this??????? This person makes up a story and they take it as valid?? Should I get the re-hearing, what approach do I use? Break down her credibility by mentioning her fraud and drug use? Or what route do I follow here? Please, I will be eternally grateful for any help as I am so lost here.

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Good day, 

This is quite a serious issue one that cannot be easily responded to by way of this forum, please log onto our website and look for an attorney in your area. 

An attorney will be best to advise you further and help you though the process. 




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