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Post Info TOPIC: Money deducted from my salary and accused of theft

Money deducted from my salary and accused of theft

I was recently terminated from my job after being there for just over 2 months. 
My boss accused me of theft which was not the case, but u was not awarded a hearing to state my argument.
I have just been paid. I only worked 2 weeks of the month after she fired me. It was done publically, no letter of termination was given to me,  nor did i ever sign or see my letter of employment. Not 1 verbal or written warning was ever signed to me. She first told me that she is terminating me because we dont see eye to eye, but because of the error i made she accused me of theft and only days after told me I was fired because of theft.
My basic salary is R13500, i was paid for 2 weeks just over R2700. She said she is deducting the money off my salary that she has accused me of stealing. 



I have requested for my letter of employment which was never signed or seen, i have requested for my termination letter which was never signed nor seen and i have asked for my uif. They are ignoring my emails and seemingly refusing to give me my requested documents

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