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Good morning I was informed by my management three weeks ago that they want to consult with me since my job is redundant and there are considering retrenchment. 1. They informed me that I must come up with suggestions to avert this.There was no section 189(3) notice issued to me. 2.A week before they had charged me with hygiene contraventions. They had to go on camera to look at issues that I did sometime ago.The charge was combined as one but the dates of incidents for all the charges were months apart. 3.Since they requested me to offer suggestions for alternatives I requested to be offered the HR Officer since I am studying BCompt Accounting left with five modules. Their argument was that they can't give it to me since I had issues with staff members before and that they are looking for experience and not a qualifications. 4.Based on some of the issues above I then enlisted the experience of a union to assist me. 5.I would like your assistance as well so that I can join since I strongly feel the proposed retrenchment is unfair and is being used as a veil behind the law to dismiss me



Good day,

We see that you are interested in Labour Protect.

there are various ways to join up:

  1. You can contact Labour Protect directly on 021 421 8631 
  2. you can complete an online application at the following hyperlink,
  3. or you can submit an application to or 

nevertheless, we would advise that you see an attorney as your question has many elements to it.


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