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verbal abuse

good day, 

I need help, i work for a Surgeon who has mood swings like day and night , who speaks to us like animals, been working for him for 5 years, never received a warning or anything he swears at us and threaten us saying things as quick as he employed me he will fire me just as quickly , every body makes a mistake he takes mistakes very seriously, he has been degraded me , called me names, screams at a person, when i am sick i cannot phone him or call in sick i rather come in and work as he screams, one makes mistakes at work and it is the end of the world. 

Labour Protect


Good day, 

Does the employer have a company policy in place when it comes to sick leave? 

The labour law cannot protect you from a horrible boss. I recommend you look at the disciplinary code of the business and as well as your employment contract. 

If the employer does not have such a policy or procedure in place then you must rely on statue. 


Your question is very vague and you should therefore refine your question. 

Kind regards, 


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