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Ask to resign after cancer diagnosis

Good Day

I have been working with my company in senior management for over 10 years. Last year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer and my oncologist does not want me to work until the cancer is under control (which it is not)

I can understand that the company can not keep paying my salary and I am not working. Yesterday the CEO said if I resign, he will pay me a R40,000 bonus as well - but will rehire me once my doctor gives the go ahead.

Financially I can not afford to resign - what are my rights? Should they not put me on disability? And how does that work in terms of payment. I am a member of Labour Protect, but can not get through to any telephone numbers on this site (tried since yesterday)


Labour Protect


Good day, 

Please call us at 021 202 2071

alternatively you could email us at 

With regards to your rights in short resigning is not the best option as you cannot approach the CCMA to dispute an unfair labour practice at a later stage. 

You will have to be medically boarded, the company must have a policy in place if not we can assist you. 

kind regards 


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