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paid maternity leave

My employment contract states the basics for unpaid maternity leave. My employer just handed me a contract for paid maternity leave, two weeks before I am due to take maternity leave. I know for a fact that this contract has never existed before (I have worked at this entity for 15 years, and it was never discussed with me when we were discussing maturity leave initially. Firstly, I think this discriminatory towards me directly, since it has not been in force prior, mostly likely because of my seniority and pay level. The contract indicates the usual work back clause of 6 months, but what I really disagree with is the clause that states that "should they be forced to terminate me for poor performance on my return during this work back period and I would still have to pay back all the payments received.



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If you feel any sense of discrimination at all, I would advise that you go and see an attorney immediately to assess your merits properly.


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