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Forced to work additional weekend per month

Hope you are well. And I hope you can give me some advice. 

A colleague of mine is employed as a Restaurant Manager. She is a young mother of a 1 year old girl  When she was offered the position, she said that she would not be able to work more than one weekend a month. Her employer accepted this and a contract was signed to this effect. They now want her to work an extra weekend a month, and is offering to give her two weekdays off in return. They want her to sign an addendum to her contract to this effect. 

She has nobody that can look after the little one if she has to work the extra time and cannot afford additional child care for the extra weekend. 

I have a few questions

1. Can she refuse this without jeopardising her job? 

2. And if she accepts, can she ask for money instead of time off? ( To pay for the extra childcare she will need)

3. Seeing that she is working over a weekend, should she not get more time off if she accepts the time off deal?


Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated

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