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Post Info TOPIC: URGENT Threat of being fired due to medical conditions

URGENT Threat of being fired due to medical conditions

I have recently returned to work after 6 months of being medically boarded at the company request. This was done before any medical professional had been approached for an opinion or diagnosis. I was told by my manager after I had already been placed on leave to get my doctor to say in my medical report that she suggests I be medically boarded. I am not sure if she would of come to that conclusion and felt uncomfortable telling her that my company needed a letter saying I must be medically boarded. After 6 months of being at home without any medical issues and the insurance claim being unsuccessful I have had to return to work. I have since been told by my manager that they will have no choice but to fire me if I have another epileptic seizure. Please can someone let me know what procedure needs to be followed and how I can protect myself from this unfair and prejudiced threat. I am now feeling depressed and suicidal at the prospect of losing my job for something that is not my fault. Please advise urgently

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Good day,

Unfortunately this is quite a complex issue we suggest you see an attorney immediately.  




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