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Changes to job profile

I am an assistant manager, on my payslip my job title is store manager. My boss's daughter recently started working at our company straight from school. She has no formal qualifications or experience. Before she started we were only informed about what her Responsibilities would be and areas of focus would be. But it seems she's also got managerial authority to discipline, to implement policies and rules. It is not said out loud but it is apparent to everyone that she's in charge simply on the basis that she's the boss's daughter. It has left me wondering what my role is.he has also for some reason found an excuse to not give me a bonus or pay increase for this year. My boss is not the type of person you can have an open discussion because he does not like to be challenged and I know him to be petty and vengeful when people have spoken up about issues in the past. He would make sure you don't have a job rather than loose. How do handle this matter because following an internal process will amount to nothing.

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