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Job Profile issue

Good day,


I am currently employed by government and after 13 years i was given the transfer to a more senior post in my department. I was then presented with a Job profile by the manager at the time which i agreed to. The standard process for any new or significantly changed job profile, is that it needed to go for Job Grading by an external company. This was never done and when I inquired about it i was stalled continuously. I was made promises just to hang in there and it will be sorted out. After deeper investigation i discovered that the profile of the job i currently fill was graded at a lower level than the profile itself hence yielding a lower salary. My manager need to do my Performance review and has advised that i suddenly revert back to the graded profile, which is much lower than my current ungraded job, so that they can do the review. I suggested that the job profile needs to be regraded as per policy and this is to be sorted out. For years i have been working with a senior role ungraded, and in a post that was incorrectly graded at a junior level.

I will have no joy. This has been happening for years and is not fair. What should i do?







Well firstly this would fit easily into the definition of an unfair labour practice which can be referred to the CCMA by yourself either on your own or assisted by an attorney.


It sounds like you have enough evidence that a promotion took place and that it has not been effected in terms of the promised promotion.


Perhaps the threat of the CCMA or bargaining council will be enough to make the Employer effect the proper changes.


KM, Labour Protect

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